Iran: nuke meeting with EU to be held Nov. 30 in London

By Xinhua

Tehran : Tehran said on Wednesday that the upcoming nuclear meeting between Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana would be held in London on November 30, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported.

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“I have discussed with Robert Cooper (Solana’s top aide), we decided the address and the date of Jalili’s meeting with Solana, “said Jalili’s deputy Javad Vaidi, adding “the meeting will be held in London on November 30”.

However, Solana said he was not sure if the meeting could take place at the time that Iranian side declared.

“I have contacted with them (Iran), I don’t think this week (is possible) since they didn’t offer any date,” he told reporters in Brussels, adding “next week would be difficult”.

Solana is scheduled to join an important Mideast peace meeting that would be held in the United States next week.

The top EU diplomat would also present his report to the UN Security Council over Iran’s willingness to comply with a UN sanction resolution, which demanded Tehran to freeze the sensitive uranium enrichment work.

The head of UN atomic watchdog Mohammad ElBaradei has already released a key report over Iran’s nuclear program. The two reports would be pivotal for the UN Security Council to decide whether to issued new sanctions against Tehran.

If the meeting between Iran and the EU could take place in the due time, it would be Jalili’s first independent nuclear meeting with Solana since he took office late last month.

On Oct. 23, Jalili and his predecessor Ali Larijani met with Solana together in Rome, both sides said they had reached some progress during that meeting.