Foreign policy expert stresses resolution of root causes behind world turmoil

WASHINGTON, Oct 8 (APP): Urging avoidance of confrontational policies, a foreign policy expert has underlined the need for a conciliatory approach to achieving durable world peace through resolution of root causes behind current turmoil affecting countries around the globe.

“The language of hate produces hateful consequences in an already inflamed global environment,” said Mowahid Hussain Shah, attorney-at-law, who also serves as Special Assistant to Chief Minister, Punjab, at a well-attended forum at American University.

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Renowned scholar Professor Akbar S Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at the American University, presided over the session on the subject of “Islam and the West: Confrontation or Conciliation?”

Mowahid criticized pursuance of “bellicose policies” with regard to the Muslim world and said these are not being helpful but stoking unexpected consequences.

He also noted that “policies which exude decency and dignity have much better chance of taking off than those which ratchet up tensions.”

The United States, he emphasized, should step up efforts to “craft a just resolution to the Palestine issue, which is the mother of all conflicts.” Thus far, he said, none of the US presidential candidates have come up with an alternate vision.

Mowhaid asked the students to independently evaluate things in order to seek the truth and shun operating from the premise of confrontation. The event was attended by State Department officials, diplomats, and members of the electronic and print media.