Adobe targets India’s education sector


Chennai : Catching them young is what Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd is planning with its new software licensing norms for the education sector.

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Finding less than satisfactory response to its products on the standalone basis from the domestic educational institutions, Adobe has now drawn up new marketing strategies.

Part of that is the company’s new site licensing and pricing package for the schools and universities.

For the schools the company has a package called K12 – kindergarten to 12th grade.

Under this scheme a school can install Adobe’s different software products – used for visual designing, web development and video production – in 500 of its computers, including the teacher’s home computers, for a one-time fee.

The cost depends on the kind of suite of software packages opted by a school, Sandeep Mehrotra, country sales manager, told the media here Friday.

For the Indian universities the company’s package is called Term Site Licence, valid for 12 months and the cost includes software upgrades that happen during that period.

According to Mehrotra, the company will initially target schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and other high-profile private schools, totalling about 100,000 institutions.

He said the company will conduct promotional events and contact the schools directly as part of its marketing strategy.

According to him, schools having less than 500 computers can buy the company’s products on individual basis and not as a suite available under the new scheme.

He added that the company was also targeting the media and animation industry for a higher turnover this fiscal.

“New visual media and the animation sector holds out good prospects for us,” he added.