Roger Milla attracts fans long after retirement

By Ravi Kant Singh, IANS

Hyderabad : Former Cameroon international Roger Milla is here as manager of the football team for the 4th Military World Games (MWG).

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An officer of the Cameroon army, the man who took the world by storm during the 1990 FIFA World Cup with his bottom wiggling celebrations after scoring against Argentina in the inaugural game of the tournament still attracts plenty of attention.

When Cameroon faced Egypt in the MWG final, one of television cameras kept hovering around Milla and his team’s bench, beaming his reactions to the viewers as his side crashed to a 0-2 defeat to the defending champions Egypt.

A man of few words, Milla politely turned down media requests for interviews, preferring to keep his counsel and busied himself looking after the needs of his players during the football matches.

Even at the Army Ordnance Corps games village where the Cameroon squad was lodged, the former star seemed much in demand but maintained a low profile right through the games, revealed officers in charge of hospitality at the village


Security takes over Gachibowli

Security for the games has been tight to say the least. Residents of the area were put through great inconvenience when public transport was kept off a five km radius around the Gachibowli sports complex where Sunday evening’s closing ceremony was held.

Even pedestrians were frisked with medal detectors, making it doubly tough for the area’s residents to go about their daily chores.

When queried about the tough security measures enforced, one of the senior officers clearly said it was a preventive measure so that nothing untoward should happen at the games.

The top of the main G.M.C. Balayogi Stadium was swarming with snipers armed with telescopic rifles and there were also lookouts with powerful binoculars posted at regular intervals to scan all approaching the venue for the closing ceremony.


Brazil’s samba dazzles Gachibowli

Brazil are the hosts for the 5th Military World Games in 2011 and they are here in strength to learn about organisation and other aspects of hosting such a mega event.

As a special treat for India, the Brazilian team brought with it a troupe of samba dancers that dazzled at the closing ceremony.

The South American nation, whose 190-strong contingent had travelled in one of the new Boeing 777 planes, also brought along participants from neighbouring countries like Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. The gesture was not lost on the present organisers who made it a point to highlight their contribution at the games’ closing.

It was sad to see that the cultural programmes of the opening ceremony was featured once again for the closing, the Brazilian addition being the only novelty.