Former Peruvian President Fujimori extradited to stand trial

By Xinhua

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Santiago : Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori was extradited Saturday to stand trial in Peru on human rights and corruption charges.

Fujimori was flown in the morning by a Chilean helicopter from his house north of Santiago to a military airport near the city, where he boarded a Peruvian propeller-powered plane and left for his home country.

Fujimori, 69, smiled while bidding farewell to his Chilean lawyer and friends at the airport. The plane carrying him would make two stopovers in Chile and Peru before landing in the afternoon in Lima.

Fujimori’s forced departure came a day after Chile’s Supreme Court ordered his extradition.

The court was in favor of extraditing Fujimori for seven of the13 charges he faces in Peru. Two of the charges are for human rights violations and the other five for corruption.

Fujimori, Peru’s president from 1990 to 2000, fled Peru in 2000amid a corruption scandal. He arrived in Chile in November 2005, ending a five-year exile in Japan, where he was protected because of his double nationality.

Before the extradition, he was under house arrest at a suburban residence in the Chilean capital.

During his stay in Chile, Fujimori, holding both Japanese and Peruvian nationalities, ran unsuccessfully for the Japanese Senate.