Israel makes excuses to justify future aggression on Syria


Damscus : Syria has accused Israel of making excuses for war through spreading “false reports” that an Israeli air raid had targeted nuclear facility where two North Koreans were killed.

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Syrian Vice President Farouq Al-Shara said Friday that his country did not want war “in the distant or near future”.

” They (Israel) are making up things to justify an aggression in the future. They are playing on public opinion to mislead it,” he said, describing the reports as fabrications.

After a meeting with his Iraqi counterpart Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Al-Shara noted that everything reported about that raid was wrong and part of a psychological warfare that would not fool Syria.

As for the international conference on peace in the Middle East called for by the US president George Bush, Al-Shara said that any such gathering had to be based on a solid ground of the relevant UN resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative regarding the restoration of the occupied Palestinian territories and establishing the independent Palestinian state.

The Syrian VP noted that neither his country nor any other had yet received an invitation to the proposed conference.

Referring to his Iraqi counterpart’s talks with Syrian officials, especially president Bashar Al-Asad, Al-Shara said they were “good, fruitful and positive.”

As for the security on the Iraqi-Syrian borders, Al-Shara said “What really concerns us is the security of Iraq .. Syria is sincerely willing to do its best to help the Iraqi people get out of that predicament regardless of any ideological or verbal considerations.”

Talking to reporters, Iraqi VP Adel said that president Al-Assad had confirmed Syria’s support to the political process in Iraq.

Commenting on a US Congress resolution calling for dividing Iraq, Abdul-Mahdi said that he and Syrian officials had addressed the topic, though “any talk on dividing Iraq is worth no discussions We will never accept any division of Iraq .. This is basic in the Iraqi policy.”

Abdul-Mahdi said his visit to Syria was “excellent” noting that Iraqi land would not be used to attack neighbours.