A conspiracy in removal of Muslim ministers from Bihar cabinet?

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter,

Patna: Expressing his anger on the reshuffle in the state cabinet, which saw removal of two Muslim faces, former Member of Parliament Anwarul Haque alleged there was a conspiracy behind it.

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In a press statement on 13th April, Haque said both Monazir Hasan and Manzar Alam were removed from the cabinet because they raised Muslim issues before the sate government and sincerely worked for their uplift.

Monazir Hasan as minister for building constructions, Haque said, constructed many schools and madrasas. Whatever he did for the uplift of the Muslim community can’t be denied, he said. When communal forces felt that if Monazir and Manzar remained ministers then all Muslims of Bihar would become united and would accept both of them as their leader, they hatched a plan to remove them from the cabinet and succeeded, Haque alleged.

He, however, welcomed the inclusion of Shahid Ali Khan, MLA from Pupri (Sitamarhi) and Jamshed Ashraf, MLA from Balia (Begusari) in the cabinet. But he said Monazir and Manzar should not have been removed because in proportion to the Muslim population in the state, four Muslim ministers could be accommodated in the cabinet. During the Congress regime there were 5-6 Muslim cabinet ministers.