Muslims preferring civil courts to Darul Qaza

By staff reporter,

New Delhi: South Delhi Darul Qaza, a body established by All India Muslim Personal Law Board, is not attracting many Muslims.

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Presenting a quarterly report on the Darul Qaza on 13th April, its secretary Musharraf Husain, said Muslims in the district are preferring civil courts. This is not an exception. Similar is the case with other Darul Qazas working across the country.

According to the report, South Delhi Darul Qaza is tackling issues related to Nikah, Khula, Faskh-e-Nikah (annulment of Nikah), Hibah (donation), Hazanat (child adoption) and Wasiyyah (Will). So far, 282 cases in all have been filed in the Darul Qaza, of which seven cases are still under hearing. Most of the cases were filed by women. Darul Qaza has tried to adjudicate all cases in minimum possible time.

Musharraf said very few people approach Darul Qaza even though there is a large population of Muslims in South Delhi. Most of them go to civil courts for resolving their family disputes. At the end of the day, their conjugal life usually becomes a hell or marital tie itself gets severed.

He appealed to dignitaries of the community to popularize Darul qaza system. He also appealed to Khateebs and Imams of mosques to introduce South Delhi Darul Qaza, its importance, usefulness and methodology among masses during their Friday prayer sermons.