America repeating 9/11 in Pakistan every day: Pak MP


Berlin : A former Pakistani minister and prominent lawmaker lambasted the ongoing deadly US military air strikes on Pakistani territory, comparing them to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in America.

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Speaking at a conference on the situation in Pakistan in Berlin Wednesday evening, Tehmina Daultana accused the US of “repeating 9/11 in Pakistan every day.”

“Our people are dying, our women are dying, our children are dying and our poor people are dying. It’s the US drones which kill Pakistanis,” she said.

US-operated pilotless drones have reportedly launched dozens of such missile attacks in Pakistani tribal areas since August.

The government in Islamabad is facing tremendous public pressure to defend its territory against such American attacks.

The feisty Pakistani MP urged the US not to interfere in the democratic process of Pakistan.

“Let us manage our own affairs,” added Daultana who has been repeatedly jailed during the reign of former Pakistani military dictator Pervez Musharraf.

She warned against a US-backed military interference, saying it would not be accepted by the Pakistani people.

Daultana acknowledged that her country was embroiled in a political “mess.”

“We are in trouble. Pakistan is in a mess. This is a very tough period. We need support. We have a very weak democracy that needs to be strengthened.”

The legislator predicted Pakistan would have a stable democracy in five years.