Obama aide predicts “big change” in US policy towards Iran

Berlin, Dec 10, IRNA, A senior aide to US president-elect Barack Obama predicted a “big change” in American policy towards Iran, stressing Tehran’s “key” role in promoting peace and stability in volatile Afghanistan and Iraq.

Addressing a one-day international conference on the future of American-European relations in Berlin on Tuesday, William M. Drozdiak said Iran was a “key actor” for the US to restore peace in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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“I think it’s one of the big changes in American policy …, ” added Drozdiak who is reportedly Obama’s advisor on Germany.

“After the June elections (in Iran), I think we will see a lot more movement by the US reaching out to Iran for some kind of cooperation and doing so in consultation with our European allies,” he added.

Drozdiak stressed the importance of “having a dialogue with all parties in the region, including Iran.”
“A key innovation is to reach out to Iran,” added the 59-year-old US politician who played a major role in preparing Obama’s historic Berlin visit in July 2008.

Drozdiak highlighted combating Afghan drug production as an “appealing prospect” of US-Iranian cooperation.

“This offers an opportunity to the new US administration to try to find a way working for our own interests and in the case of Iran for their own interests,” he said.

Drozdiak heads also the New York-based American Council on Germany which seeks to promote greater political understanding between the US and Europe.