Sri Lanka President rules Out Truce

By Prensa Latina,

Colombo : Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapalsa rejected Monday a cease fire with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), official media reported Monday in this capital.

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Rajapaksa urged Tamil rebels to allow civilians look for a shelter in the areas controlled by the Government, according to a communiqué spread in the Cabinet Web site.

“I do not agree with any cease fire that will allow LTTE get stronger,” affirmed Sri Lanka Head of State during a meeting held in Colombo with political, religious and business authorities.

Rajapaksa accused Rebels of using the Tamil population in the territory, still under their control, as human shields and assured terrorism is the only enemy in the country.

For that reason, he said all citizens must stay together in this struggle against it.

In another part of his speech he said that 2009 will be the year in which the country will be released from the threat of the tigers’ terrorism although he said many evil forces will plot to avoid the victory against terrorism but we will finally do it.

The Sri Lankan government has developed an intensive military offensive since six month ago that has put separatists in the north of the country.