Pakistan moves troops to Indian border

By Xinhua,

Islamabad : Pakistan is moving around 20,000 troops to areas bordering India amid rising tensions with its neighboring country, local newspapers Daily Times reported Saturday.

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The daily newspaper quoted a senior army official as saying that the army was diverting around 20,000 troops from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas to Kasur and Sialkot districts in eastern Punjab province near the border with India.

The army official who declined to be named said the troops were moved from the areas where the operation against militants was not going on.

It was a limited movement to reinforce the defense on the eastern border, he said, adding that the Pakistan Army had restricted the leaves of its troops and officers in view of the security situation.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Air Force enhanced vigilance and the fighter jets flew low over major cities on Friday evening to test their capability of countering a possible attack at night, according to Daily Times.

Accusing Pakistani national for involvement in the Mumbai attacks at the end of November, India asked Pakistan to take actions against those behind the attacks. However, Pakistan insisted that no credible evidence had been provided and India should stop making allegations.