Malaysia a glorious Islamic country, says Sheikhul Al-Azhar

By Khairul Anuar Muhammad Noh, NNN-Bernama

Kuala Lumpur : Malaysia is a glorious Islamic country because its people shun racism and are not blindly obsessed, said Sheikh of Al-Azhar Dr Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi.

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“I pray to God for Malaysia to continue to be a peaceful, safe and progressive country and for the love and caring to persist among its people as well as be protected against any ill-doings, he said in an interview with Bernama yesterday.

He spoke in Arabic and was translated by Religious Advisor to the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Dr Abdul Hamid Othman.

Dr Sheikh Muhammad advised Muslims not to use the difference in religious faith as a hindrance for them to cooperate with the people of other races in the country.

He also disagreed with the action of branding other Muslims as infidels.

On the split among Muslims due to sects, Dr Sheikh Muhammad said differences in opinion and split among the sects were allowed as long as they did not lead to physical assault.

On the Palestinian issue, he said Muslims there helped each other.

“When they (Palestinians) refrain from fighting each other, they can be one strong building and victory will be theirs soon if they unite,” he added.

Dr Sheikh Muhammad, 80, is in the country for the Al-Azhar World Alumni Multaqa.