Being well-informed a must for effective teaching — experts


Kuwait : Teachers need to be well-informed in their field and have a wide range of professional skill in order to exercise “effective teaching,” said educational experts on Sunday.

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Representatives of the quality control team, part of the committees of the National Education Development Conference which kicked off earlier today, presented a paper on “Quality in Effective Education,” in which they highlighted a number of educational quality awards that served to boost the educational process.

Team members Dr. Ghannam Al-Ghannam and Engineer Jalal Al-Tabtabaei indicated in their presentation that “effective teaching is for a teacher to be well-learnt in his or her field and to have a wide range of skills.” They noted in their presentation that several factors were required to maintain educational quality, including keeping up with developments in a certain field of knowledge, and utilizing a student’s free time through educational entertainment.

The team called for broadening the role of teachers at the elementary level, and placing strategies that incorporated teaching tools and information technology methods.

As for teachers, they needed to be “interested, organized, fair, and knowledgeable in their field” in order for them to be able to teach “effectively,” adding that they must also be “excited, firm, able to hold students’ attention, and keen on the interests of students.” The two team members said education was based on the ability to hold the attention of students, engage them in group projects, and to establish a teacher-student relationship.

To conclude, they called for establishing a national education award for all school levels, placing educational standards, and focusing on the quality of education in terms of the curricula, teachers, and the students themselves.