China concerned over Kosovo declaration of independence


Beijing : China is deeply concerned about the declaration of independence by Kosovo, Foreign Ministry said Monday.

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China, a UN Security Council member, is worried that the move will harm peace and stability in the Balkan region and undermine moves to create a multiethnic society there, Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“China calls on Serbia and Kosovo to continue to reach for a proper solution through negotiations under the framework of international law, and to jointly maintain the safety and stability of the Balkan region. The international society should create positive conditions for this,” the statement said.

“China has always believed the best way to solve the Kosovo problem is for Serbia and Kosovo to reach a solution acceptable to both sides through talks,” it said.

“Solving the Kosovo problem is related to the peace and stability of the Balkan region, the basic principles of international relations and the authority and role of the UN Security Council.”
Kosovo’s parliament on Sunday endorsed a declaration of independence from Serbia.

The declaration, read by Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, said Kosovo would be a democratic country that respected the rights of all ethnic communities.

Russia denounced Kosovo’s independence declaration Sunday and called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, underlining its opposition to the Serbian province’s Western-backed bid for nationhood.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said Russia supports Serbia’s ‘just demands to restore the country’s territorial integrity’ and wants the Security Council to renew efforts to reach a settlement on the issue of Kosovo’s status.

The UN Security Council held the first emergency session on Sunday.

The second emergency meeting of the UN Security Council opened in New York on Monday to discuss Kosovo.