UN Secty General: Act on Climate Change

By Prensa Latina

United Nations : United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon called on Wednesday to maintain the push given by the Conference of Bali to fight climate changes, and urged practical actions.

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In his message to the Monaco conference of 100 nations seekingfinancing for technologies to fight climate change, Ban Ki Moon said ó We ó ve got22 months before the convention in Copenhagen,where we hope we get a new agreement in our struggle against climate change. ó

The meeting was convoked by the UN Environment Program to give continuity to the agreements at the Bali Summit in December on the topic and distribute its 2008 UNEP Yearbook with information on carbon dioxide emissions ó effect on the acidification of the oceans.

The struggle against climate changes is beginning to be perceived more as a chance for prosperity, and not something that would slow national economies, so the problem is to continue to modify minds and policies of the world ó s great companies and leaders, the 2008 Yearbook asserts.

The yearbook also alerts to the catastrophic effects of the melting of glaciers and the permanent layer of ice in the poles (Permafrost) containing huge methane deposits, which are going up to the atmosphere.

UNEP called to continue with research and eliminate the still existing barriers to create clean and renewable technologies.