Interactions on Developing a Sustainable Human Environment in Asian

By Reyaz Ahmed, NAK

Panaji (Goa) : With objectives of promoting and strengthening peace, stability, freedom, independence and sustainable development in Asia and the world through dialogue and interactions, Building A Better Asia – a Young Asian Leaders Retreat today had interactions and dialogue session on ‘Developing a Sustainable Human Environment in Asian’.

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The topic was thread barley disused by the Principal Partner Akitek Tengarra, Singapore, Malaysia Tay Kheng Soon which was followed by an activities session of finding ‘common good’ by developing of varied pictorial representation by the participants.

While putting forth the broader perspectives of developing a sustainable human environment in Asian, the Principal Partner Akitek Tengarra, Singapore, Malaysia Tay Kheng said, “Human civilizations round the globe have been undergoing the sweeping changes in socio-economic and cultural sectors of life which led to the revolutions in the entire world.”

Adding he said that fundamental issue of city and countryside relations needed to be addressed so that the rural migration to the urban areas is controlled.

” The city –countryside dichotomy is to be resolved so that the living standards are developed in center and peripheries as there are individual driving forces which compel him or her to go for better and comfortable living,’ said Tay Kheng Soon.

He asserted that for the sustainable development of human environment in the world it is indispensable to maintain the ecological balance in the globe which has got drastically affected with industrialization and technological advancements.

He further said, ‘While celebrating industrialization and luxurious living in the age of technology, it is high time to ponder upon the change from the industrial modernization to biological world so that sustainability of human environment is made possible for coming generations.”

The thought provoking interaction was intermingled with the pictorial and graphical presentation which generated interest and deepened the knowledge of participants.