Jordan’s King calls on Israel to stop taking unilateral measures


Amman : Jordan’s King Abdullah has called on Israel to stop prolonging and take any unilateral measures that will stand against the peace process in the Middle East.

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The King’s comment came in a statement issued by the Royal Diwan office Thursday after the King held a joint meeting in Aqaba city with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

King Abdullah also stressed that achieving peace requires all concerned parties to honour their commitments within a clear mechanism and specific timeline in order to reach a comprehensive settlement to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The King’s meeting, part of a series of contacts to support Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, came a day after his talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

King Abdullah emphasized the need to reach comprehensive solutions to final status issues, the foundation of which is an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

King Abdullah called for seizing the opportunity to achieve peace that was provided by the Annapolis peace meeting last November.

Negotiations, he added, should proceed according to agreements reached and commitments made by the Palestinians and Israel at the meeting, and both sides should receive international support.

King Abdullah said Jordan would intensify her efforts with all concerned parties to ensure the success of the negotiations that should proceed according to international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.

He emphasized that peace negotiations should lead to a viable, independent Palestinian state on Palestinian land by the end of the year, as agreed by the parties at Annapolis.

King Abdullah said Israeli settlements, Jerusalem and refugees are key issues that should be addressed with clarity and in accordance with international resolutions and agreements.

He reiterated Jordan’s opposition to any settlement activity on Palestinian lands as such activity is a stark violation of agreements reached at the US-hosted conference.

The King urged Israel to adopt serious and practical policies that reflect its stated desire for peace and that would guarantee a sustainable and successful peace process.

King Abdullah warned that a stalled peace process threatens the region’s future and its security and stability.

King Abdullah expressed hope that the upcoming visit to the region by the US president would encourage the Palestinians and Israel to reach agreement and implement the commitments they made at Annapolis.

The Israeli Prime Minister expressed willingness to move forward in negotiations with the Palestinians with the aim of reaching a final settlement of the conflict.