Two Indians held for selling Malaysian minister’s sex DVD


Kuala Lumpur : Two ethnic Indians have been arrested in Malaysia in connection with the illegal DVDs featuring clippings of disgraced ex-minister Chua Soi Lek’s sex romp.

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The arrested Indians are believed to be sellers of pirated DVDs, the Sin Chew daily reported Saturday.

Scores of the illegal DVDs with Chua’s sex romp are being peddled door-to-door at Ringgit 10 (about $3) each, despite a ban by the police and a warning that possession of the DVDs is punishable.

However, Malaysians hankering to view Chua committing adultery are finding themselves duped as all they get to see is 13 minutes of his public confession and expression of regret.

Besides the two Indians, a 29-year-old woman running a beauty salon and a 50-year-old man have also been caught in the act of peddling the DVDs.

“We believe this is not the woman in the video,” The Star daily quoted Hussain Ismail, Johor province’s deputy commissioner of police, as saying after the arrest and a raid at a place that yielded some DVDs and a laptop.

Police have also raided the hotel where the DVD clippings were originally shot. The Malaysian Hotels Association has said none of its member hotels allow CCTVs in the rooms that could facilitate any illegal film shooting.

Chua, 60, resigned as health minister in the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi earlier his week after the DVDs, carrying graphic details of his sex romp with a woman he acknowledged as “a personal friend” were circulated over the year-end.

Chua’s family has stood by him. His wife Wong Sek Hin said: “It is a difficult time for all of us but we have accepted his regrets and apology.”

Chua Tuesday apologized to the Malaysian people and his party, the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), which is a constituent of the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional.

Another MCA lawmaker and minister, Ong Ka Tin, was Friday appointed acting health minister.