Kenyan church and business leaders call for peace


Nairobi : Kenyan church and business leaders have called for peace and urged political leaders to reconcile and build the country which is currently experiencing political unrest following the recent national elections, BuaNews agency reported Saturday.

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Bishop Peter Njiiri, who is in charge of the Assembly of God Church in Eldoret in western Kenya, has invited leaders of the opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to exercise patience; saying now is time for healing and reconciliation.

This comes as more than 50 people were burnt to death, when some unknown people set the church ablaze Tuesday morning. According to reports, around 200-armed men in Eldoret attacked the victims who had camped in the church and set it ablaze.

A pregnant woman who sustained serious burns on her leg was among 20 survivors who were rushed to Moi Referral Hospital.

Addressing a press conference in Nairobi Wednesday, Bishop Njiiri confirmed that among those injured in the attack was the pastor in charge of the church.

In an attempt to broker peace between the two parties, South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu is currently in talks with the two parties.

The business community has called for a truce among the warring groups, as they believe that the current tensions will negatively impact on business and government revenue.

The business leaders in the Kenya Federation of Employers said business cannot thrive in an insecure environment. So far its efforts to reach out to government and the opposition had been unsuccessful.

Fuel shortages have not yet been experienced in the city, but the unrest in Kenya had affected business in neighbouring Uganda.

According to certain media reports, violence broke out in the country following the defeat of presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

It is believed police violently prevented Kenyan opposition supporters from holding rallies in his support in Nairobi.