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France’s Over 36,000 Mayors up for Reelection

By Prensa Latina

Paris : France initiates 2008 with a new political challenge, French Municipal Elections 2008, that along with the reforms raised by President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, will concentrate the attention of the period.

The presidency of turn of European Union is added, that Paris is to assume on Jan 1st 2008, with the idea of Sarkozy of consolidating its protagonist role within the communitarian block.

Nevertheless, the fundamental weight in domestic matters will be first Elections round on March 9 and second on March 16, that will test the predominance of conservative UMP (Union for a Popular Movement).

In fact, few question the favoritism of the Socialist Bertrand Delanoe for his re-election like mayor of Paris, the capital city that plays an excellent role in the life of the Gallic nation.

Thus, UMP that works within a right-wing current will try to consolidate its position in power by achieving other key positions in the city councils of different large cities and important districts.

On the other hand, Sarkozy has the challenge of finally convincing his followers on the validity of the plan of reforms that puts in danger the social projection of France for the leftists and for most of unions.

Sarkozy clearly expressed in his message of end of year that France wishes to recover international protagonist and will take advantage of EU semester presidency with such intentions.