French Left Backs Strike against OGM

By Prensa Latina

Paris : French left-wing parties back hunger strike led by French farmer politician and unionist Jose Bove, who became a worldwide celebrity for his fight against junk food and other 15 people opposed to genetically modified foods.

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Former socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal visited Bove and she gave her full support to the strike like other deputies of the same party.

I respect and welcome that position of principle, indicated the president of the region of Poitou-Charentes.

She added that the government must fulfill its promise of moratorium of cultivation of OGM’s (genetically modified foods) in the field.

Also the representatives of the French Communist Party in the capital showed their solidarity and expressed that there is a demand to prorogate the authorization to cultivate transgenic foods.

Green campaigners expressed their support to strikers and declared that the Le summit named in French Le Grenelle de l’Environnement, in which participated several organisms, concluded with a minimum promise on the subject.

Bove began a hunger strike on Tuesday night, threatening to extend it if the government does not fulfill its promise to request for the activation of the clause that allows a State of the European Union to prohibit the OGM authorized by Brussels.