Dogs guard lions, tigers in Rajasthan rescue centre


Jaipur : The Rajasthan forest department has taken the help of two German Shepherd dogs to guard 20 tigers and 30 lions at an animal rescue centre on the outskirts of Jaipur.

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The Nahargarh rescue centre, about 10 km from here, was established in 2001 following a union government ban on the use of performing animals by circus companies. Animals rescued from circuses are rehabilitated at this centre.

Officials say several people used to pass through the rescue centre to reach nearby temples and villages. It was also a popular spot for clandestine drinking.

To prevent people from disturbing the animals, the department brought in a German Shepherd called Dobby a year ago. About nine months back she gave birth to Dolly who is now helping her guard the animals.

The two dogs not only prevent humans from disturbing the lions and tigers, they also break up fights between the animals by barking, officials said.

“If anyone tries to come near the rescue centre, the dogs start barking loudly and alert us,” an official said.

Earlier, the wild cats would roar and snarl at the dogs but now they are quite comfortable with them, he added.

The state government is also planning to set up a rescue centre for bears at the Nahargarh Biological Park.

“An exclusive rescue centre for bears is planned to be set up at the Nahargarh Biological Park where bears that have been freed from the captivity of conjurers would be kept,” an official said.