Meeting in Bhagalpur deplores loot of waqf property

By staff reporter

Bhagalpur: An urgent meeting was called on the request of the Secretary of District Committee of State Sunni Waqf Board Mr Humayun which was attended by many scholars.

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Presiding Presiding over the meeting Professor Farooque Ali said that alleged construction work of a hotel is going on by Dilip Rai on Waqf No. 1999 of Abdul Latif Waqf Committee. Many shops are running near the shrine of Hazrat Lal Khan by illegal occupation.

Local residents are very angry seeing the destruction of waqf property but they are unable to take any measure legally because these are not registered under State Waqf Board and only the committee and motawalli (caretakers) of these waqf estates are authorized to lodge any complaints against illegal occupation of the waqf lands to the Waqf Board, Waqf Council and the state government, added the professor.

Mr Humayun stated that the condition of waqf estates is very awful in the district. He further informed that nearly 95% of the waqf property has been sold illegally. Only 5% is left for show. Motawalli (caretakers) and members of committees have got transferred the lot of property on their or relatives names and the municipal corporation is issuing the tax receipt with their names.

He said that a lot of land was donated to shrines, mosques and orphanage centers in this town but selfish members of the committee who are supposed to look after these lands, have not got registered these properties to the State Sunni Waqf Board. He gave example of Islamia Orphanage Center located in Quazi Wali Chak.

In this situation, it is the responsibility of the State Waqf Board to issue a notification to its appointed secretary to interfere in this matter and seek a report from them after investigation and then the board should take actions accordingly.