Suzuki sizzles with concept bike ‘Biplane’


New Delhi : If you thought the futuristic “Lexus” motorbike from Tom Cruise’s “Minority Report” was cool, then check out the new “Biplane” at the Suzuki pavilion here. The 9th Auto Expo sure has some wicked concepts on display but the Suzuki Biplane is undoubtedly the best.

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Inspired by the classic biplane first introduced by the Wright brothers, this state-of-the-art concept bike has a 1,000-cc engine wrapped in bodywork that flows through the swing arm and around the rear wheel.

Front and rear suspensions are automotive-like, and the handlebar controls feature buttons for the front brake and clutch rather than levers.

The concept uses a semi-exposed V4 engine for power, and a girder-type front end for steering and front suspension. The partly covered rear wheel and flush seat-to-tank design is similar to those found on the 1986 Suzuki “Nuda” concept bike.

So, does the Biplane actually fly?

“Well, if it had wings, it sure would and there is a 200 percent chance that it could turn you into a superstar the moment you sit on it,” said a Suzuki official.

“And trust me, there is no pit stop if you sit in one of these,” he added.

It does explain why Suzuki kept its pit stop girls at bay this time at the expo.

The mean machine will put just about any other vehicle on the road to shame with its looks and speed. Definitely, an eye candy.