New Orleans meeting 15-16 January to strengthen existing Satellite systems

GENEVA, Jan 11 (KUNA) — The World Meteorological Organization announced Friday that a high-level meeting, attended by the world’s space agencies, will take place in New Orleans, USA, on 15-16 January to has developed a new vision for using dozens of satellites to monitor climate change and other impacts of global warmingweather.

This strategy for an updated space-based Global Observing System will include strengthening the existing system of at least 16 geostationary and low-earth orbit satellites which provide operational data on the planet’s climate and weather as part of the WMO Global Observing System (GOS).

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They are, complemented by numerous experimental satellites designed for scientific missions or instrument technology demonstration.

And a record number of 17 satellites are planned for launch this year to further strengthen the system’s work.

The meeting will also discuss a roadmap to transfer current experimental satellite missions into ongoing operational programs.

The New Orleans meeting marks the first time thatnew contribution of Brazil, which operates a satellite program monitoring the climate environment jointly with China.
Brazil , will rhas announced the first-ever release its ownof its space observations over South-America, Africa and China, which will bef the climate , which it will provided freely to WMO’s 188 Members.

Chief of the Space-based Observing System Division for WMO’s Space Program Jerome Lafeuille told reporters that the new systems under consideration include systems such as a program sponsored by the European Space Agency in the form of optical radars which will allow to monitor the movement of molecules.

Another system, he added, would be that of monitoring the temperature and humidity profile of the atmosphere through GPS signals, which is in much in need today.