British Government welcome formation of Transitional Government in Somalia

LONDON, Jan 13 (APP)- The British Government has welcomed the formation of a new cabinet of ministers for the Transitional Federal Government in Somalia and described it as a positive development in advancing political process.
The Minister for Africa, Lord Malloch-Brown in a statement emphasised UK support for the Transitional Government and urged it to build on this positive development by advancing the political process and encouraged all parties with a stake in Somalia’s future to engage in this process constructively, for the sake of improving the lives of Somalis.

Welcoming the overwhelming Parliamentary endorsement of the new Transitional Federal Government Cabinet of Ministers, he said this positive step in Somali politics will now allow the Transitional Government to turn its attention to advancing a genuine and inclusive political process in Somalia, as envisaged in the Transitional Federal Charter.

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“We look forward to the rapid and full implementation of the outcomes of the National Reconciliation Congress last August, leading in particular to a Constitutional Process and a meaningful, fully inclusive political dialogue.’

Emphasising the United Kingdom’s continued support for the Transitional Government, he said UK stand ready, with its international partners, to provide assistance to the Government and Transitional Institutions to help deliver the transitional period.

Lord Brown called on all other parties with a stake in Somalia’s future to engage in this process constructively saying that the ‘Somalis have suffered for far too long from the effects of conflict, political instability and lack of security.’