Malaysian company in US$300 million Brodband project in India

By NNN-Bernama

Kuala Lumpur : Electrical, civil and structure contractor Omitera Holding Sdn Bhd signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Wednesday with India’s Limras Eronet Broad Band Services Pvt Ltd in collaboration with Pernec Overseas Sdn Bhd to supply and provide satellite broadband infrastructure in India.

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The project is estimated to be worth US$300 million (US$1.00=RM3.27).

Phase one of the project will cover 650,000 households in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu by December 2008 while phase two will involve 24 million households in India within a 10-year period.

The project is scheduled to take off in March 2008, with the first phase costing a minimum of US$58 million, said Omitera’s chief executive director B. Chendren Balakrishnan after the signing ceremony.

Under the MoU, Omitera will act as the project consultant and coordinator with Pernec Overseas providing the equipment and Limras as the service provider.

B. Chendren said seven major gateway hubs will be located throughout India, functioning as receiving tools for the bandwidth to cover the entire country.

Pernec Overseas is a subsidiary of Pernec Corporation Bhd, a joint-venture company between Amanah Raya Bhd, NEC Corporation of Japan and Permodalan Nasional Bhd which provides information and communications technology (ICT) solutions.