Pakistan urged to defend Iran’s stance on nuclear program


Islamabad : A leading Pakistani politician has urged the government to defend Iran’s stand in row over its nuclear program.

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“Iran’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and the world should not be worried over the issue,” Shehbaz Sharif, the president of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) party told The News daily in an interview published on Thursday.

“Any aggression against Iran must strongly be condemned by the entire world including Pakistan,” Sharif said.

He said that strong arms tactics or aggression against any independent country like Iran would be highly injurious to the world peace.

“It would be catastrophic and the U.S does not resort to aggression,” the PM-N leader said.

He urged the US to learn lesson from its venture in Iraq’s as there is a complete mess in Iraq.

“The situation is volatile in the region and US did not afford to stretch its legs any further,” he observed.

“With highly unstable Afghanistan, any US involvement in Iran would further destabilize the world”.

“The world must shoe tolerance towards Iran. The matter should be resolved through dialogue rather than at gunpoint,” he said.

Sharif said that the American forces should not be allowed to operate in Pakistan.

“This should have not happened and Pakistan should not allow it.” He warned that the people of Pakistan would be one voice if any such thing happens.