Russia Takes Measures against Social Problems

By Prensa Latina

Moscow : Russia has taken measures to guarantee the continuity of the social policy implemented by President Vladimir Putin over the past eight years after the transfer of power.

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Less than two months before the presidential elections, Putin is aiming the government’s efforts to solve the most pressing social problems.

During a meeting with the Senate (Council of the Federation), the president admitted that the Executive has seriously embarked in investing in the people and creating a modern and healthy social environment for the country, that is, a new course in the State’s strategy.

We must work to improve the people’s health, access to education, housing and working conditions to improve the competitive capacity and resources, he said.

An effective social policy is the key to all achievements by the government, which must focus on meeting the Russian people’s vital needs, Putin added.

Among the measures to be taken is an increase in pensions and salaries to exceed minimum consumption, which has been affected by constant ebbs and flows due to inflation.

Putin noted that another medium-term goal is to place Russia among the world’s top five economies by 2020, a project that the government has based on macroeconomic results over the past four years, during which the economy has grown steadily.