Hamas reveals details over Haneya’s assassination attempt

By Xinhua

Gaza : Islamic Hamas movement on Saturday revealed more details over an assassination attempt on Ismail Haneya, the movement’s leader and prime minister of Hamas-run government in Gaza.

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Said Siam, Hamas’ former interior minister, said the assassination was designated to be a suicide bombing targeting Haneya when he leaves a mosque in one of Friday prayers.

A week ago, Hamas announced that its police forces arrested a suspect who carried a bag of explosives ready to go off at a stadium where Hamas was holding a rally which was also attended by Haneya.

At a news conference on Saturday, Siam said that the investigations showed that the would-be suicide bomber received orders from Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and Fatah movement based the West Bank city of Ramallah.

The suspect “filmed himself while reading his testaments and received a call from Tayeb Abdel Rahim, the Palestinian Presidency Secretary-General, who promised him to protect and support his family and rebuild his house of (Hamas) demolished it,” Siam said.

After arresting the suspect, Hamas interior ministry also published the photos of 11 Fatah members wanted by its security services for being connected to the assassination attempt.

The list includes two people who had fled to Egypt and Ramallah respectively after Hamas took control of Gaza Strip in June. Hamas says the two guys give orders to the other members of the cell.

Hamas started to pursue the cell’s members after the announcement.

Samer Shaban, 28, is a member of the cell whose six-month pregnant wife has been arrested by Hamas in a bid to force Shaban to surrender, according to his neighbors.

Meanwhile, Siam also hinted that wife of one of the wanted was also arrested.