Road to justice: Important dates of Bilkis Yakub Rasool case

March 3, 2002 : Bilkis Rasool was gang-raped. 14 members of her family, including her 3 and half year old daughter, murdered. Several female members of her family also raped and murdered. Bilkis the only adult survivor and eyewitness to the horrific massacre.

March 4, 2002 : Bilkis files first FIR in Limkheda police station. Names rapists but not included in FIR.

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March 25, 2003 : One year after incident “Summary A” report filed and accepted by Limkheda Judicial Magistrate effectively closing case. Inconsistencies cited as reason.

April 2003 : Bilkis approaches National Human Rights Commission. NHRC agrees to support Bilkis case. NHRC requests senior counsel Harish Salve to represent Bilkis and to argue her case in Supreme Court.

April 2003 : Bilkis files a petition in Supreme court with the help of NHRC
The main prayers are: quashing of Summary A order of Limkheda Magistrate; CBI enquiry and action against erring Gujarat police officers; compensation.

September 25, 2003 : Supreme Court asks Gujarat Government to stop State CID investigation. State CID had started harassing Bilkis and members of extended family.

December 18, 2003 : Supreme court asks CBI to undertake investigation.

January 22, 2004 : CBI arrests 12 accused.

February 11, 2004 : CBI files interim report where several gross violations and complicity of Gujarat police highlighted.

March 2004 : CBI arrests 2 police officers.

April 19,2004 : CBI files charge sheet against 20 (including 6 police officers and two government doctors).

May 12, 2004 : CBI files final report disclosing gross violation and complicity of the Gujarat State. Mentions grounds for transfer.

May 2004 : Witnesses given CISF protection by the Supreme Court as Bilkis and witnesses face threats.

July 2004 : Bilkis files additional petition requesting transfer of case outside Gujarat.

August 6, 2004 : Supreme Court orders Bilkis case to be transferred to suitable court in Mumbai; appointment of Public Prosecutor to be done by the Central Govt.

September 2004 : Special Court of Judge U.D. Salvi appointed to hear the matter

January 13, 2005 : Charges framed against 19 of the 20 accused. (Trial of one Dr. Sangeeta Prasad separated as she is declared medically/mentally unfit for trial).

February 22, 2005 : Bilkis’s examination-in-chief by Spl. Public Prosecutor, R.K. Shah continues. She identifies in court the 12 accused who raped her, killed her daughter, and raped and killed members of her family.


August 2006 : Bilkis called again for cross examination.

March 2007 : 73 Witnesses of prosecution examined by the court.

April 2007 : Examination of defence witnesses started.
June 2007 : Examination of defence witnesses concluded.

August 2007 : Arguments Started.

December 2007 : Arguments concluded.

January 18, 2008 : Verdict declared by Sessions Court Mumbai-twelve held guilty under several Sections including Section 302, 376, 143 to 148. One policeman also convicted for lodging false FIR. Seven people acquitted-5 police officers and 2 doctors