Gaza Hospitals to Halt Soon

By Prensa Latina

Gaza : Gaza Strip”s hospitals and aqueduct only have fuel reserves for two or three days while there is also a shortage of medicine, denounced the International Red Cruz on Monday.

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The spokeswoman from the humanitarian organization Michele Mercier told the press in Tel Aviv that officials from the institution visited the hospitals and verified that fuel will only last for two days, three days at the most.

The same assessment was made for drinking water, for which generators will also stop in 24 or 48 hours at the most.

Gaza woke up this Monday semi deserted; a few cars on the streets, markets closed and a few passers-bys, who have had hardships since last Thursday when Israel ordered to close the bordering passage of Gaza Strip.

The only electric power plant was brought to standstill on Sunday because of Tel Aviv”s decision to cut the fuel supply, which was sanctioned by human rights and UN organizations.

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Tzipi Livni said that the life and economic situation of Gaza”s dwellers will not return to normal until the Palestinian resistance stops launching rockets on southern Israel.