Situation in Gaza all too familiar to Israeli survivors of the Holocaust: paper


ABU DHABI, The stalemate in the Middle East is set to continue, editorialized a major UAE daily paper.

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“The way to end the blockade of Gaza, so Israel assures the world, is simple: Hamas must stop firing its rockets into Israeli territory. It is as easy as that,” added the English language Gulf News.

Equally, it went to say, the way to end the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is just as easy: “Israel must withdraw to the 1967 borders, in accordance with UN resolutions. It is as easy as that.” “However, unfortunately, the likelihood of a cessation of hostilities between Hamas-controlled Gaza and Israel will remain as long the Hamas government remains in power.” The paper said while Hamas remains ostracized from the political scene in the region but an active and vocal participant, the situation between Gazans and Israel remains a stalemate.

The Israeli government’s blockade on Gaza, it said, thrusted the area into a situation dangerously near death, with the absence of electricity, fuel and even food and medicines.

“It is a situation that is all too familiar to those Israelis who are Holocaust survivors”, remarked the paper adding that during the World War II, it was the Germans murdering Jews.” “Is that all Israel learnt from those terrible times? It would seem so.” Israel, said the paper, responded to Gazans’ attempt to restore some normality to a desperate state of affairs by demolishing the border wall between them and Egypt by saying it would no longer have responsibility over Gaza if free access to Egypt continued, “for fear of arms being smuggled into Gaza”.

“But if Israel looked more carefully, it would see it was food being taken in”, concluded the Gulf News.