Russia Pans West Manipulation of Kosovo

By Prensa Latina

Moscow : Russia warned again on Tuesday about the consequences of unilateral solutions for Kosovo’s future to the detriment of the Serbian national integrity and the Security Council’s authority.

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Foreign Ministry spokesman Mijail Kamynin told press that European Union members are planning possible acceleration in recognizing Kosovo if its local government proclaims independence, without any responsibility to Belgrade.

He said some western countries recently implemented a series of preparatory measures, and even exerted direct pressure on the United Nations secretary general and the EU presidency.

Kamynin mentioned the plans to organize a civil community mission to Kosovo to the detriment of the Security Council’s faculties, and a strengthening of the interposed military contingent’s authority there.

Such actions are causing serious uncertainty in Russia and generate reciprocal actions from us, the diplomat said.

He recalled that the international force’s authority in Kosovo was replaced by UN Security Council Resolution 1244 in June, 1999, after the NATO bombing on Yugoslavia ended.

Hence, any change in the nature, composition or plan of operational actions of a civil mission to Kosovo is subject to a new decision by the international authority, he declared.

Besides, he considered that the mentioned changes would only be possible after an agreement between Belgrade and the Albanian Kosovars.