Floaters, flashes before your eyes? better don’t ignore them


New Delhi : Pooja, aged 25, would often encounter black specks, lines or “cobwebs” before her eyes or even sometimes feel sudden sensations of light where there was none.

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She ignored it for years. But when its onset increased she contacted a doctor and was diagnosed with retinal detachment. Many of us like Pooja ignore these flashes and floaters as normal but experts say they could be the beginning of a more serious problem and could even lead to a loss of vision.

“There are about 50 patients a year who are diagonsed with retina tears after they come to us for floaters and flashes,” says Dr Rajeev Jain from Centre for Sight.

“As more and more people are becoming aware of these and they are report to us, we are diagnosing more tears and hence treating them.”

“Floaters and flashes themselves are harmless. It is the changes in the eye which accompany flashes or floaters, if present may lead to loss of vision,” says Dr Rajeev Jain

“These floaters and flashes usually do not cause any harm, it will bother you if you pay attention to it,” says Dr Harbansh Lal Of Sir Ganaga Ram Hospital.

He furher adds “By the age of 40 over 40 per cent population will have this problem.” Floaters occur when the gel-like vitreous in front of the retina begins to liquefy and contract. It forms clumps or strands inside the eye which appear as spots while when this vitreous pulls the retina then one experiences flashes.