1st Int”l Lawyers Conf. concludes activities in Damascus


Damascus : The first International lawyers’ Conference concluded deliberations on Tuesday with a session dealing with ways of developing the judicial system in Syria and the world.

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“Independence of judicial system is a basic and important provision to boost judiciary and realize equality among all parties” in addition, lawyers have to enjoy same quantity of independence,” Michel Abdul-Maseh, a British lawyer, said during the final session.

Advisor Riad al-Daoudi referred to the big achievements in the legislations in Syria and their role in realizing a turning point for the judicial system in the country, underlining the importance of keeping independence of the judiciary and non-interference of the Executive authority in its affairs as well as improving the living standards of all employees in justice.

For her part, Ghada Murad, former Attorney General in Syria reviewed the woman experiment in the field of judiciary and her appointment in high-ranking governmental posts in all domains, saying “the year 1935 witnessed the joining of the first woman to the law profession.” Na’el Mahfoud, a judge and Head of the Cassation Court said the judicial system in Syria is in no need for reform, but it needs development, pointing out to several procedures adopted in the latest years to develop law in the country, particularly the establishment of the Judicial Training Institute in 2001 where 136 have been graduated from it as judges proofing a high competence whether from a legal or a performance perspective.

Chairman of the Syrian-British Association Fawaz al-Akhras underlined the importance of this conference because it hosts a big number of lawyers and judges from U.K, Wales and the US.