Oxford business graduates eye India Inc


London : Bright students from the top business school at Oxford University are offering their services to Indian companies, hoping to be snapped up for high-flying international careers.

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Saïd Business School has joined forces with key global companies to launch an Oxford-India Recruitment Fair in Mumbai July 30-31 – an event designed to offer Indian recruiters the chance to meet and pick up outstanding postgraduate students from the school, said Simon Tankard, Head of Careers at Saïd.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for recruiters in India to get to know our students and for the students to learn about the organisations that interest them,” Tankard said.

“Many of our students are looking to high flying international careers and we are delighted to support this student-led initiative that brings together the collective insight and connections of the organising group with the services and connections of the Business School,” he added.

The school has been working closely with key companies, including PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Macquarie Group, to identify opportunities and to support its outreach programme in India.

One of the organisers of the event, MBA student Tarun Dhillon, said: “With the advent of India as a global business leader, many of the bright minds from Oxford look forward to taking on the business challenges in the booming Indian economy and to be part of India’s success story.”

Dhillon, who has a background in aerospace and defence, said the school hopes to engage with a range of Indian companies in a variety of sectors.

The school said 35 of the current MBA class are participating in the initiative and have already completed their CVs to be sent to recruiters, and some have already had initial telephone interviews.

Another MBA student, Deepti Gali, said: “The buoyancy in the Indian economy is evident in the number of outbound cross border deals and the amount of private equity money flowing in. I am sure working in India would provide a perfect platform from which to launch my post-MBA career.”