Pakistan army bomb positions of suspected Taliban


Islamabad : Pakistan army have bombed suspected positions of local Taliban in the country’s northwest a few days after Taliban killed 17 soldiers, officials said Monday.

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There was no report of any casualty in the first shelling by army of the hideout of Taliban at Hangu area in North West Frontier Province.

The forces started bombing of Taliban hideouts at Zargiri town late night and the operation continued till morning, officials and locals said.

Locals said that the bombing created panic among the people in the area, already vacated by around 80 per cent people.

More people are also fleeing the area due to escalation in hostilities.

All bazaars, business centers and educational institutions are closed in the town and most of the people have moved to Hangu and Tull, tow major towns in the region.

Local Taliban attacked a convoy of security forces at Zargiri and killed 17 paramilitary soldiers.

They were heading to a fort along with tribal elders when Taliban surrounded them.

Meanwhile curfew remained in place at the town of Doaba in the region on 5th day. All roads to the town are closed and the people are using alternate and mountainous routes.

The killing of 17 soldiers by Taliban has sent sense of shock in the whole region and 200 armed villagers have announced to launch operation against Taliban.

The government has formed two jirgas, the councils of tribal elders, to find out peaceful solution of the crisis. The jirga members have started dialogue with both sides.

Tension started in Hangu last week after police arrested seven armed Taliban at Doaba town. Taliban later surrounded the police station for a few hours where Taliban were locked up. The government had called army to end the siege of the police station.