Pakistan denies unusual movement at Afghan border


Islamabad : Pakistan’s military spokesman has denied any unusual military movement along the troubled Afghan border. No advancement of Allied troops towards the Pakistani bordering areas has been reported, said military spokesman, Athar Abbas.

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Earlier, local media news reported that US-led coalition forces have abruptly increased their movement alongside Pakistani bordering tribal agencies of North Waziristan and Bajaur agency.

Reports said that the troops deployment backed by heavy weapons, including tanks and armed carriers have created panic and distress in the residents.

It may be mentioned here that the US where has increased pressure on Islamabad to do more in the war against terrorism, the territorial as well as air violations by coalition forces in the neighboring Afghanistan have also become more frequent.

Almost daily news reports about US helicopters making low flights over the bordering areas are reported. Though, the federal government has lodged strong protest with the US over frequent airstrikes that also killed and wounded soldiers however, a recent news report said that there has been a significant shift in the US militarys strategy vis-? -vis Pakistan in dealing with counter-terror measures in the tribal region.

But the strategy is contrary to the past practice, they have stopped informing Pakistan or its security establishment of any military strikes on suspected Al Qaeda or Taliban targets in the region, said a report in Dawn newspaper.