Beijing’s Olympic Village Court opens

By Xinhua,

Beijing : The Olympic Games Village People’s Local Court, the only law facility bearing the Olympic title in the country, was opened here.

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Located in the Olympic Village in the city’s northeast, the building is named in accordance with the Supreme People’s Court’s rule that courts should be named for their location.

During the Games, about 70 percent of cases related to the Olympics will be heard in the building, which is the seventh commissary court of Chaoyang District People’s Court. The district is home to most of the Games’ venues.

The new court will mainly hear civil cases, such as those for house rental, labour disputes and personal injury. Also handled here are cases for foreigners’ personal injury, property damage and labour dispute caused by activities of the Games, tourism, accommodations, shopping, transport, dining and entertainment, said Qian Yixin, the court’s chief judge.

The court was established in June 2007 and had operated nearby in a contemporary office near the compound built for the Asian Games Village in 1990.

The court’s territory includes the Bird’s Nest, the Water Cube, the Olympic Green, the Olympic Village and many hotels, among others.