2 Iraqis, 8 injured killed in Baghdad bomb attacks

By Xinhua,

Baghdad : Two civilians were killed and eight others, including two policemen, injured in separate bomb explosions in the Iraqi capital on Sunday, an Interior ministry source said.

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“A roadside bomb detonated in the morning near the al-Rahibat hospital in Baghdad central district of Karrada, killing a civilian and wounding three others,” the source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

One of the wounded is in a critical condition, and the blast also caused damages to several nearby buildings and shops, the source added.

In a separate incident, another civilian was killed by a bomb planted in his car while traveling in the Adhamiya neighborhood in northern Baghdad, he said.

The explosive charge was of a magnetic kind, which had been stuck in the victim’s car and was totally destroyed, the source added.

Also in northern Baghdad, another roadside bomb hit a police patrol in the Waziriyah neighborhood, wounding three civilians and two policemen, the source said.

One of the police vehicles was badly damaged by the blast, he added.

Another roadside bomb went off near a passing U.S. patrol in the al-Qanat Street in eastern Baghdad, the source said.

It was unclear whether the U.S. patrol sustained any casualty as the troops immediately cordoned off the area, preventing the Iraqi police from approaching the scene, he said.

The U.S. military has not confirmed the incident yet.

Sporadic attacks continue in Baghdad despite the U.S. and Iraqi officials’ announcement of a relative lull in violence during the past months.