IPU sec. gen, majlis speaker discuss issues of mutual interest


Tehran : Secretary General of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Anders B. Johansson conferred with Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani here Saturday.

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In the meeting, Larijani called IPU an important and effective organization and by referring to its mission which is strengthening peace and democracy in the world said Majlis supports IPU’s approach toward peace and democracy in the world and will continue its cooperation with the union.

Criticizing the US approaches toward democracy in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, Larijani pointed out, “The US entered Middle East with slogan of expansion of democracy and fight against terrorism, but with a wrong approach disturbed situation in the region, especially in the Iran’s neighboring countries.

Referring to the IPU’s role in finding appropriate solution for the world problems, especially the issue of Palestine, Larijani said, “IPU can facilitate process of solution of the Palestinian’s problem.”

Concerning Iran’s nuclear issue, majlis speaker said the issue can be solved by negotiation.

Secretary general of IPU, for his part, felicitated Larijani on his recent election as majlis speaker and added Iran’s parliamentary groups have always been among the most active groups of the union and by expressing pleasure with the cooperation and participation process of Majlis in the union activities said he is hopeful that the trend continues in the 8th Majlis tenure, too.

He said, “I have declared clearly that the latest parliamentary election in Palestine has been democratic and that the international community should respect Palestinian rights to choose their representatives.

Johansson continued, “IPU is to change Palestinian status from observer to the permanent so that it can take steps toward establishing peace in the area.”

IPU is a non-governmental parliamentary body with more than 150 members from different countries parliaments and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.