Sudan’s India Ambassador seeks India’s support against ICC’s decision

By staff reporter,

New Delhi: The Ambassador of Sudan in India, Abdur Rahman Muhammad Baqeet, has appealed to India and other nations that believe in democracy to make global public opinion against the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) recommendation to prosecute Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir for “crimes against humanity and war crimes” in Darfur.

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Addressing a press conference yesterday in the national capital, the ambassador said ICC took the decision under the influence of America and other Western powers. He alleged that those powers want to destabilize Sudan and sabotage all international efforts to establish peace in the region.

He further said India is an important member of the world community and it can use its influence to resolve this issue. Arab League and African Union have already condemned the ICC’s decision and are in the support of Sudan.

He categorically rejected the ICC’s decision, saying Sudan is a democratic country and its judiciary is capable to resolve the country’s disputes.

The Sudanese ambassador is believed to have met senior officials of India’s Foreign Ministry and apprised them of the situation. The ambassador said the Foreign Ministry has expressed concern over the issue.