Fatah rejects Hamas accusations of Friday’s Gaza bombing attack

By Xinhua,

Ramallah : Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Sunday rejected Hamas movement’s accusation that Fatah was behind Friday’s bombing attack in Gaza, which killed five Hamas militants and a child.

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Fahmi al-Za’arir, Fatah movement’s spokesman in the West Bank, said in a statement that Fatah rejects the accusations, adding that “Hamas tries to find an excuse for its immoral crackdown on Fatah movement in Gaza.”

On Friday, unknown militants blew up a bomb near a Hamas militants’ car in Gaza, killing five Hamas militants and an eight-year-old girl and injuring some 20 others.

On Sunday, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told a news conference in Gaza that there is no doubt that some Fatah militants who fled Gaza a year ago are behind the bombing attack.

Following the attack, Hamas, which has been controlling the Gaza Strip since last summer, cracked down on Fatah movement, detained over 160 people and stormed most of Fatah movement’s offices and social institutions.

“Storming some of the institutions was carried out for security reasons. Explosives were found at some Fatah offices and other institutions were used for incitement to bring a situation of disorder back in Gaza,” said Zuhri.

In response to Abu Zuhri’s accusations that Fatah movement “rejects in principle the killings and the use of violence, Al-Za’arir said Fatah believes that the best way to get out of the crisis is through a comprehensive national dialogue.”

“But such actions carried out by Hamas in Gaza aim at undermining all the efforts made by all parties to end the status of internal division and bring the Palestinian situation back to normal,” Za’arir added.