Samajwadi Party will not join government: Amar Singh


Lucknow : The Samajwadi Party Monday said it will not join the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government and that its support to the ruling coalition is a convergence of national and political interests.

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The Samajwadi Party’s general secretary Amar Singh told reporters here this evening that his party had made no demands to the central government in lieu of voting in its favour in the confidence motion last week.

He said the Mayawati government in Uttar Pradesh was harbouring criminals and it was demonstrated by the way mafia don turned politician from Allahabad Atiq Ahmed voted against the UPA government.

Singh said Mayawati had forgotten the sacrifice of her own party’s legislator Raju Pal, who was allegedly murdered by Ahmed, in “her ambition to become prime minister”.

“If you want to attain sainthood, approach Mayawati,” he taunted. Asked about Ahmed having won election on Samajwadi Party ticket, he called it a fatal mistake.

Singh termed as anti-national all those who voted against the UPA government. “China and Pakistan opposed the terms and conditions on which India is going to sign the nuclear deal (with the US), just because it will make us more powerful. Those who opposed the deal are hand in glove with them,” Singh said.

Maintaining that his party’s Muslim support base was safe, Singh reiterated that opposition leader L.K. Advani was a bigger threat to Muslims than US President George W. Bush.

“Bush will not be successful in getting another chance to serve as the president of the US. Besides Advani, Mayawati and the Left parties are a bigger threat to Muslims,” stated Singh.