Israel’s persistence in fait accompli policy counter to peace – Arab League


Cairo : The Arab League has condemned Israel’s persistence in imposing fait accompli policy in the Palestinian territories and resorting to force in order to evade implementation of United Nations resolutions related to the legitimate rights of Palestinians.

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The Israeli policies will bring nothing but more violence to the Middle East and destabilize the regional and international situation, the League said in a statement here Wednesday.

The statement marks the 41st anniversary of the Middle East war on June 5, 1967, which led to the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories.

The Arab League called on the international community, notably UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the UN Security Council and the international Quartet to force Israel into implementing the relevant resolutions and end occupation of the Arab territories.

“The Arabs stick to their legitimate right to regain their territories which can never be cancelled due to limitations,” the statement underlined.

“The Palestinians must be empowered to practise their right to self-determination and statehood based on the international legitimacy, the UN Charter and the relevant UNSC resolutions.

“The Israeli occupation brought about great challenges to regional security and stability and inflicted misery and suffering upon the Palestinian people.

“The Israeli forces continue perpetrating atrocities against the Palestinians and usurping Arab territories in a bid to change the geographical and demographic realities of the area,” the League asserted.

“Despite its aggressive policies, Israel failed to erase the Arab identity of the occupied territories and the Palestinian people stood firm in the face of the continuous atrocities,” it added.