Pakistani President warns coalition govt. of his power curtailment


Islamabad : Shrugging off rumors about his resignations, President Pervez Musharraf Saturday warned the coalition government at the center of any attempt to curtail his powers saying he “would not sit back”.

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“If any attempt was made to curtail my powers through any amendment in the constitution, I would not sit idle, said the President while talking to senior newsmen here on Saturday, televised live on local news channels.

Rumors are ripe in the country that the President will tender resignation before the civilian democratic government tries to impeach him. Also, the coalition partners, Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari, have also asked the President to voluntarily step down or face impeachment.

The President said that he will not resign in current situation and also rejected the impression that he will use 58-2(b) article of the constitution that allows him to dissolve assemblies.

“I would be unstable with the use of 58-2(B)”, said the President. “I am not poised to tender resignation in the current situation”, he said, adding, “The people of Pakistan are worried on the reports of my resignation and I feel that my role has come to a halt, then I will decide my fate.” To a question about impeachment, he said that the constitution has the modus operandi to impeach someone and the parliament is a supreme institution and all the decision should be made there.

“I have respect for every decision taken by the parliament”, he added.

“I am totally committed with the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and I would not take up any step against him”, he said further.

He stressed on immediate steps for the elimination of terrorism and economic crisis in the county, saying, the terrorism is the greatest threat facing the country. He said economic and terrorism issues must never be politicized and urged the nation to support the government in fighting them.

The President expressed disappointment over the disgraced nuclear scientists statement that he confessed transfer of nuclear technology under pressure in the larger national interests, said that it was all lie. Dr. A.Q. Khan confessed his crime of nuclear technology transfer to Libya, Iran and North Korea in a televised address to the nation and was under house-arrest till the new government relaxed restrictions on his movement and allowed him to meet his relatives.