Pakistan’s Musharraf dismisses resignation reports

By Xinhua,

Islamabad : Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf Saturday dismissed as baseless rumors of his resignation and said that the rumors had created panic among the people.

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“I have not decided to resign. I will remain in Pakistan. I do not have any house outside Pakistan. Rumors about my resignations are rubbish,” Musharraf told a group of senior reporters in a program broadcast live on TV channels.

“Someone reported that a plane has landed in Islamabad to take me out of Pakistan. But where is the plane?” he said. “Someone was saying that the forces have surrounded my house. Someone said that I will leave the country within 48 hours. But now ask those reporters about the credibility of their reports,” he said while referring to reports in the media.

“Stop and confront those who are spreading the rumors,” Musharraf said.

“I am an elected president of Pakistan under the constitution. I will judge if I have any value in the country. I cannot preside over the downfall of Pakistan,” he said. “Certainly I will not be part of the downfall of the country.”

Musharraf renewed support to Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani and his government and said that he will not interfere in the government’s affairs.

On question about the government plan to restore the judges, he said that he would accept the parliament decision to restore the judges.

Musharraf deposed the chief justice of Pakistan and 60 other top judges when he imposed emergency rule last November.

“The whole nation will accept the parliament decision to re-instate the judges. I will also accept the decision,” he said.

Mushararf rejected claims by opposition parties that the presidency is the center of conspiracies against the new government.

“There is no conspiracy in the presidency. I am performing my functions under the constitution. I do not interfere in the government affairs,” he insisted. “I have adopted the policy of reconciliation.”