India: Delhi airport to go hi-tech and more secure


New Delhi : The “hyper-sensitive” Delhi airport is set to go hi-tech with the introduction of an array of new technologies which promises to make your journey less time consuming and more secure.

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A four-layer ‘perimeter intrusion system’, internet protocol-based cameras, in-line baggage clearing system and explosive vapour detectors among other such measures are being put in place to counter growing terror threat to the airport and make it less congested.

According to Delhi Airport sources, security of the Delhi airport which has been classified as “hyper sensitive” by security agencies along with easing of congestion remains a matter of concern for both the security agencies and the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Hence, a number of measures are being taken to counter both in a time-bound manner.

To begin with, according to the sources, a four layered ‘perimeter intrusion system’ has been planned for IGI airport along with a trench to be built around its perimeter wall, which has so far had the dubious distinction of being porous and from where numerous intrusions have taken place.

The new system will have taut wire, buried cables and hi-tech CCTV cameras along with radars to effectively track any kind of intrusion on the airport land.

“All the equipments will work in tandem. If a person does intrude and step on the airport land, the underground cables will send a signal to the camera which will instantly zoom in on the intrusion point.

This would be followed by an alarm thereby alerting the security officers posted there,” said a senior officer associated with the security set up at the airport.